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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bike in Action

I rode a Royal Enfield the other day. For the very first time! And was it an experience or what. Cool worli sea breeze in my face, the throb of the machine beneath and the fact that I was riding it. Yes, I’ve been a pillion rider before, but this experience is something else all together. By far the best experience I’ve ever had. Ok, discounting other activities.

This was simply mind-blowing. Bigger… better… sexier than anything. Suddenly all other bikes seem like such insignificant things. It’s one thing riding a CBZ or a Yamaha, or just any other bike. (sorry avid bike lovers, but if you’ve ridden an Enfield, you’ll know what I’m talking about).

I didn’t trust myself to kick-start it. Jittery and excited as I was, I was more terrified of the re-bound. Had a nasty one a long time ago, the scar still remains. So anyway, my friend did that for me, hopped up and I was ready to fly.

And suddenly I floundered! Damn, unlike all bikes I know, this one was exactly the opposite. The foot brake is the shifter and the shifter, the foot brake. I wobbled, fumbled with the shifter, eased the bike into the first gear and was just about to roll, when the bike stalled! Talk about embarrassment.

Tried it again, got a better grip this time and when I got going, wow!!! One round-trip to worli and back. Exhilarating! Wasn't that tough now, was it? Not at all. In fact, when we got back, I put the machine on its stand too, a feat I had thought to be impossible. I'm on top of the world. Thanks Viraj, you're the dude!

So, that's one more down. Another million things left to do.

I’m back in action. And my blog is all set to roll too.

Happy reading guys.