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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Getting started (finally)

Sounds like the title of a software programme's handbook.Or the first page of the instruction manual of a new techie contraption your cubicle mate pulled out from a bag. Something you have absolutely no idea how to use. (Though I really wonder if people today need manuals. Everything is so simple, so easy. Or so they say.) Just last week I got a friend to explain to me what 'Bluetooth' is and how it works. Call me outdated, call me slow. That's what I am.

Anyway, getting back to the subject on hand. After having stayed far behind all the excitement that blogging is, i've peered through the dust and finally decided to start a page of my own. A lot of hesitation precluded this step and I did it in the privacy of my home, not wanting to make a fool of myself.

I was among the last in my college gang to get an email id. The last in my office group to get a mobile phone. (Still don't possess a laptop or an ipod.) The last to start chatting online. And today, yes, also among the last to start a blog of my own.

Yes, yes, i'm a relic of the bygone era. Suddenly realising that the more I tried not to become like my parents, the closer I ended up resembling them in their behaviour and mindsets. Wary of all things new. But still curious.

Well, but the deed is done now. And I've officially become a blogger.

Getting started.